Monday, February 22, 2010

"R" Litter and Their Puppy Raisers

Here are pictures of Bridget's "R" Litter pups with their Puppy Raisers, when they were first placed in their homes.
Reese Romeo

Rowena, with family members

Bridget's puppies were placed with their Puppy Raisers when they were about ten weeks old. Each puppy was carefully placed in loving, safe homes to be trained with their raisers for about 18 months. These pups are halfway through their training and Canine Partners of the Rockies (CaPR) appreciates all of the hard work they have done in training these future service dogs.
We know the toughest part of Puppy Raising is letting their pups go on to Advanced Training, after having these precious pups become one of their family members. As we explain to our new Puppy Raisers, it is similar to raising a child, then sending them off to College, then they go on into their careers. As they leave to go into Advanced Training, the feelings Puppy Raisers have are bittersweet. There will be a void in their homes and hearts as the pups move on, but the purpose of raising these dogs is to provide them to someone who will be able to be more independent in their lives. The good feelings of helping someone are even stronger.
CaPR service dogs are placed with people in Colorado who have mobility limitations- so once placed with their Partner, the dogs will help with opening doors, picking up dropped items, turning on light switches, helping with balance and getting dressed, and much more. For someone with a disability, this means the difference between depending on others and being independent.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rowena - Will You Be My Valentine?

Raven - Growing & Growing

Here are some great photos of Bridget's puppy, Raven, taken by his Puppy Raiser throughout the year.
Here is Raven, with his vet.

Getting bigger, look at those long legs!

Happy Halloween - Raven loves him some pumpkin

At the BCAP Holiday Parade in Boulder, Colorado (Hard to see him in the dark)

That's better
New Year's Day, took a lovely hike with his Puppy Raisers and met some new friends

Beautiful shot of Raven at the lake wearing his cape

We hope to keep getting great photos and progress reports from Raven's Puppy Raiser. We really love to know how all of the dogs are doing in the training program. Hopefully Raven will become a great service dog for someone someday!

Thank You!

Canine Partners of the Rockies thanks everyone who helped with starting these puppies out with a great start to becoming service dogs! We would especially like to thank Joyce, Linda and Barb for all of their hard work with the beginning stages of these pups lives.


Canine Partners of the Rockies was not able to keep all nine of Bridget's pups in our program - a few of the puppies were sent to be trained by other service dog organizations. Rinker was chosen to be placed in the training program with Paws'itive Teams in San Diego, California (he preferred the warm weather out there.) Here are a few pictures of Rinker as he arrived with his new organization.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Because Canine Partners of the Rockies only places service dogs with mobility limited Colorado residents, we name our pups after people, places and things that are in Colorado.

Bridget's pups names all start with an "R". This helps us to keep our litters together, by first initials.

Meet Racine! She was named after the Denver Restaurant Racine's

Here she is with the owner of Racine's

Ruby's Blog

Check out one of the pup's own blog! Learn all about Ruby and her Puppy Raiser's journey to becoming a service dog. Now 9 months old, she has been on many outings and adventures. Be sure to follow her progress and see how she can someday help someone with a disability.