Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Raven - Growing & Growing

Here are some great photos of Bridget's puppy, Raven, taken by his Puppy Raiser throughout the year.
Here is Raven, with his vet.

Getting bigger, look at those long legs!

Happy Halloween - Raven loves him some pumpkin

At the BCAP Holiday Parade in Boulder, Colorado (Hard to see him in the dark)

That's better
New Year's Day, took a lovely hike with his Puppy Raisers and met some new friends

Beautiful shot of Raven at the lake wearing his cape

We hope to keep getting great photos and progress reports from Raven's Puppy Raiser. We really love to know how all of the dogs are doing in the training program. Hopefully Raven will become a great service dog for someone someday!

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